Risestar Music is proud to present our newest compilation: VITRUVIO vol. I.
Featuring 16 top of the line spanish metal bands, this album is a limited deluxe edition 8 cm CD with Photorealistic impression.
Only 110 copies will be released and distribuited to the biggest labels, distros and media.

SpellBlast Band
SpellBlast band was born in 1999 but they shown themselves to the public just in 2004 with his “Ray of Time” DEMO CD.
The own produced Cd offers a strong and firm power metal in all of its parts that gets a fair success and it built the background for the realization of the band’s first full length.
The changing of vocalist allowed the band to get a gain in power and the sound became more aggressive and mature, and so, in the last months of 2006, the new album was registered at NEW SIN STUDIO (Labyrinth, Domine, White Skull, Elvenking) called “Horns Of Silence”.
Damnagoras (Elvenking) took part in this project lending his voice for some pieces of songs contributing to make the project more complete.
SpellBlast’s sound, that it remains power, became folk influenced and English fan, in front of which the band played at BloodStock06 with Fear, My Dying Bride, Axel Rudi Pell e Brainstorm, seemed to be well interested.
After signing with the new born Metal Crusade Records, that it will release new cd in February 2007, the band is looking for the chance to show the result of its work in extra Italian scene.

The band was formed in early 1989 by Jani Koskela (Guitar/Vocals) and Janne Peltoranta (Drums). In 1992 keyboardist Teemu Peltoranta joined the band and in 1993 Marko Tuominen took over bass guitar and started to perform melodic vocals. The band played their first live concerts in late 1993 after which Teemu left the band. Jari Koskela joined in January 1994. After gaining reputation in the underground metal scene, their fourth demo (1994) led the band to sign a record contract with the Adipocere Records (France). As a result, the band released their debut album “My Dear Succubus” in March 1995. In 1998 the band founded their own record label “Succubus Records” and released mini CD “Medley Rain” through it.In late 1998 another guitarist Juhana Stolt joined the band. Additionally Tuukka Koskinen took over lead vocals in the beginning of 1999.

The new line-up released “The Maze” CD single (November 1999) and second album “Greyscales” (February 2000), both via Nocturnal Music (Italy). In 1999 Let Me Dream performed in Finnish national television as well as in Estonia. In late 2000 Janne Peltoranta left the band and Marko Jokinen joined in.In 2001 the band played in Estonia and Russia and in 2002 they toured in Belgium & Germany and recorded new material for their third album.In April 2003 the band did more touring in Holland, Belgium & Germany and in October the band played a sold out show in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2004 Let Me Dream released their third album “Soulshine” and played their third central European tour which included a show at Celtic Rock Indoor Festival (Gummersbach, Germany) in front of 800 people. In summer they played in Romania and started to cooperate with Risestar Promotions.


Riff-based catchiness and straight forward melodic brutality. As a result Suidakra have recorded their most pounding and exercised album to date with Signs For The Fallen. Without wanting to completely lose the atmospheric, almost folk-rooted base of the band’s earlier days, these Metal youngsters strive to expose listeners to a more balanced, groove-oriented but suitably bombastic melodic Death Metal pattern within the 10 new songs on the record

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The Swedish band Moonville combine the Heavy Metal´s energy with nice lyrics and amazing musical arrangements, undoubtedly, very soon the band will take their place into the Swedish top list metal bands.
Silver Screen is a impressive album; 10 great songs, dynamism, power, feeling, and excellent production. Edguy and Helloween´s fans must listen it !


Means “Gods Of Sunrise” in the Celtic Gaelic mythology… this Chilean band starts as a Heavy Metal band on 1994 when thrash and death metal ruled the country. Bloden Wedd actually is working together with Risestar Music setting up the promotional aspects of “Eye of Horus”. The album, officialy released on May, already have received impressive comments from worldwide Magazines & webzines.

Moonville is four young spirits from Sweden. A quartet on the prowl, with an insatiable urge to deliver killer tunes that rock with the sheer of joy and with a touch of the eccentric.
With an irresistibly appealing debut album, Moonville delivers a groundbreaking, heartstopping and groundstopping collection, ready to open to wild acclaims as it meets the world.

The Melodic Death band, has signed with ORION Records for worldwide distribution.
The CD is now available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Holland, belgium, Denmark & Norway. We hope release very soon the “Mindseek” album for all the North American fans!

Our company is dedicated to promote Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands worldwide of way to diffuse in masse they music, through albums reviews and interviews in Radio Shows, Magazines, Webzines, television programs, etc. Permitting to the band obtain a important international presence, facilitating thus to obtain contracts for recording, compilations, distribution and presentations.
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Videochatul este una dintre cele mai dinamice meserii , oferind posibilitatea de a invata foarte multe lucruri noi apartinand mai multor domenii de activitate, programul de lucru flexibil si castigurile mari obtinute fiind unele dintre cele mai mari avantaje ale acestei activitati. Ca in orice domenii exista si riscuri, cele mai multe derivand din mentalitatea invechita care stapaneste o mare parte din Romania, dar in viata daca vrei sa ai succes trebuie sa iti asumi anumite riscuri.

Expunerea publica in activitatea de videochat

Pentru inceput trebuie mentionat ca varsta minima la care se poate incepe o cariera de model este cea de 18 ani, sub aceasta varsta activitatea fetei fiind declarata ilegala.

Activitatea de model adultRiscurile expunerii modelului in fata publicului este destul de mica, toate studiourile punand intimitatea angajatelor mai presus de orice. Procedurile obisnuite includ semnarea contractelor de confidentialitate intre studio videochat si angajati, prin care se interzice divulgarea de informatii catre terte persoane (date personale ale angajatilor, sumele platite catre platformele internationale sau catre angajati, date privind activitatea modelelor in sesiunile private, etc).

Procedurile suplimentare care garanteaza intimitatea modelelor sunt interzicerea accesului clientilor din Romania pe site-urile cu care se colaboreaza (la cererea modelului se poate restrictiona si accesul cetatenilor de alte nationalitati), precum si interdictia de a se face poze in locuri publice care pot fi usor recunoscute. In studio accesul persoanelor straine este strict interzis, avand libertate de intrare doar angajatii studioului. Studioul beneficiaza de sisteme de securitate la cele mai inalte standarde, fiind prezente camerele de luat vederi, personal de paza, iar studioul este in permanenta monitorizat de catre firme de paza si protectie.

Activitatea de model in chatul adult, un mod de a castiga mai multi bani

In videochat exista doua canale principale prin care se face comunicarea cu clientii: chat non adult si chat adult. Multe dintre modelele aflate la inceput de drum isi incep cariera in chatul non adult, loc in care exista interdictia fetelor de a se dezbraca, comunicarea facandu-se numai prin intermediul conversatiilor care au ca tema prietenia, consilierea personala sau discutii libere pe diferite teme, fiind practic scoala unde se invata si se testeaza diferite cunostiinte de baza in domeniu.

In momentul in care modelul capata experienta si doreste sa isi suplimenteze sumele de bani ce pot fi castigate acestea pot trece in modul adult al chatului, pe langa comunicare modelul putand sa foloseasca diverse tinute aflate la dispozitie, jucarii erotice, sau sa faca un show erotic avand garantia ca nimeni nu o va judeca pentru toate fanteziile pe care le indeplineste pentru utilizator.

Modul adult este evident mult mai bine platit ca cel non adult, multi dintre clienti dorind mai mult decat o simpla comunicare cu ajutorul camerelor web, fiind dispusi sa plateasca suplimentar indeplinirea celor mai ascunse fantezii.

In ambele situatii modelul trebuie sa aiba cunostiinte foarte bune de engleza (scris si citit), sa stapaneasca foarte bine arta comunicarii pentru a conduce discutia spre zona dorita, in plus imaginatia trebuie sa fie foarte bogata pentru a gasi noi subiecte de discutie.

Trimiterea de bani catre orice locatie din lume se poate face, in general, in doar cateva minute, indiferent unde este beneficiarul. Dar este bine de stiut ca veti plati pentru comoditatea si viteza care vine odata cu platile rapide. Taxele percepute pentru tranzactiile internationale pot fi costisitoare, de aceea merita investigate diferitele optiuni de transfer de bani.
Transfer de baniCei mai multi oameni stiu de operatori de transfer de bani, cum ar fi MoneyGram si Western Union. Ambele companii sunt binecunoscute pentru trimiterea de bani rapid in parti indepartate ale lumii.

In particular, aceste servicii sunt utile in cazul in care beneficiarul banilor nu are un cont bancar.

Astfel de servicii sunt de multe ori convenabile, deoarece puteti transfera bani online, prin telefon sau in magazin. MoneyGram, de exemplu, spune ca are 203000 agentii in 190 de tari si, in cele mai multe cazuri, banii vor fi transferati in 10 minute.
Cu toate acestea, taxele pentru transferuri rapide, la nivel global, sunt de obicei mari si deseori cresc proportional cu suma de bani trimisa. Pentru sume mai mici, cum ar fi 100 de lire, se asteapta o taxa de 5-8%.

Bancile sunt, de asemenea, o optiune usoara pentru multi oameni. Cu toate acestea, taxele pentru transferurile bancare internationale sunt demne de remarcat. Unele banci de retail sunt cunoscute ca percep mai mult de 25 de lire sterline iar taxele si ratele de schimb nu sunt transparente, incorporand un procent de 5-7 %. Un alt dezavantaj este faptul ca transferurile bancare internationale dureaza, de multe ori, cateva zile si sunt considerate una dintre cele mai lente tipuri de transfer de bani pe plan international. Dar, in unele cazuri, bancile au filiale internationale si acest lucru poate fi pus in valoare de dumneavoastra atunci cand transferati bani. De exemplu, daca dumneavoastra si destinatarul detineti un cont la HSBC in Marea Britanie si Hong Kong, puteti transfera bani gratuit sau la un pret foarte scazut, iar fondurile vor fi disponibile in cel mai scurt timp. Dar nu uitati ca nu veti primi cea mai buna oferta din punct de vedere al cursurilor de schimb.

In sfarsit, merita sa ne amintim de servicii de transfer de bani online ca PayPal. Daca dumneavoastra si destinatarul aveti conturi PayPal (si adrese de e-mail), este posibil sa transferati bani intre conturi internationale instantaneu. Cu toate acestea, taxele pentru astfel de transferuri sunt de obicei stabilite la minimum 4%, ceea ce s-ar putea dovedi costisitor pentru tranzactii mai mari.
Acestea fiind spuse, este important sa luati in considerare cat de mult bani trebuie sa fie transferati si cat de repede trebuie sa se finalizeze tranzactia. In cele mai multe cazuri, bancile si operatorii de transferuri banesti castiga multi bani pe taxele de tranzactie, bani pe care i-ati putea economisi prin utilizarea unui broker de schimb valutar dedicat, in schimb.
Si nu uitati de siguranta transferului. Alegeti un operator credibil care sa va garanteze transferul international, cum ar fi prioripay.com/. La urma urmei, mai bine sa achitati o taxa de transfer mai mare decat sa pierdeti o suma considerabila de bani.